till another day.
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October 31st, 2011

till another day.

i never like to say “the end” as stories always live on.

especially something like butternutsquash which was, in a weird way, an auto-biographical account of rob and myself, our friendship, our surrounding friends and the quirky adventures we got up to. some comics were word for word accounts, others silly extrapolations. over the years as butternut progressed we diverged a little from this, and i think that’s where we lost it. which is a shame as i don’t think butternut got a fair shake. it came in spurts and a waves. in the interim rob and i drifted apart, not in friendship, but in the time we were able to share to knock out ideas. so this was another strike against the squash.

we have a little black book full of tales untold, and i think it’s something i’d like to revisit. not anytime soon. bns, deserves a moment of peace before a stray thought even enters our head with a new concept, idea, or joke. in heartfelt honesty, i’d like to see it come back. but, at the end of the day, that is something only time will tell.

in the meantime, i wanted to give bns a proper closure, it’s been sitting in limbo for over a year, and well, deserves better. in the true form of most time honoured comedies – we closed it but left the door open.

i hope you enjoyed our short little run on the web and the comics will stay here for your enjoyment.

if you’re curious what else might be doing; please visit KUKUBURI, my other online story, and RAMONPEREZ.com for further information.


ramon (& rob!)


  1. Graphicus

    I`ve enjoed every little piece of BNS, thanks for all those stories told and untold, thou the latter i hope to read somewhere, someday. Sometimes stories change with characters and go on, sometimes characters change and stories do not follow them anymore. in the meantime looking forward to read Tale of Sand:)

  2. Tonya

    I always loved BNS, through feast or famine. I’ll miss you guys, but as long as I have Kukuburi, I’ll muddle through somehow!

    Thanks, Ramón and Rob, for all the years of entertainment and laughs! <3

  3. Jason

    Thanks for the closure. And it’s great to see KUKUBURI again too. Glad to see you alive and well and I’ll keep an eye out for the Henson graphic novel.

  4. Gregg

    Cheers guys, thanks for giving the BNS faithful some closure!

  5. Xavier

    Always loved you guys. In some ways emulated things in my own life, but just like your own things have moved on. Thanks for all the strips dudes.
    G’luck with your other projects.

  6. Lee Cherolis

    This felt good. I’m very glad to see BNS one last time with the possibility of something new in the future. Gotta take a second to thank you, honestly for BNS being one of my prime early inspirations for creating my own comics. BNS is the reason I will always come back for Kukuburi and will buy Tale of Sand on release day.

    That thanks goes as much to Rob as well! Thanks guys!

  7. Ipstenu

    No matter what, I’m leaving you in my RSS feed. I shall miss you and will watch what comes next.

  8. motorbikelkid

    Merci, Mrs Perez et Coughler. Merci.

  9. motorbikelkid

    Well, not that you are a Mrs, Ramon. Really, that should have read Mssrs Perez et Coughler. You get the drift…

  10. solabusca

    And you go out on Hallowe’en. I’m not sure if it’s a trick or a treat, but whatever it is, it’s appreciated.

  11. Secvndvs

    To Ramon and Rob,
    It is perhaps fitting to end it this way. Like picking up an old heirloom or souvenir from the old days, you laugh and remember fondly the memories associated with it… but then you realize that it isn’t you anymore. Which isn’t a bad thing; it’s a deep moment to realize that one has changed.
    Basically, I, and I’m sure many others, deeply appreciate you guys and your comic being OUR souvenir of life. Especially, thanks for leaving it up we can reminisce with the laughter and the tears. You guys mean a lot, and represent even more, but part of the joy of something is enjoying it while it’s there, and not to enjoy it past when you should.
    Thanks for making it special. Allez Avec Dieu.

  12. Philipp

    Good bye! I had a wonderful time with you guys.
    Thanks a lot Ramón! <3

  13. alix

    It will be missed it was one af the few ways I had to keep up with you guys. May it return bigger and better!

  14. sleepyEDB

    Sad long-time BNS reader is sad. I hung on through all the stops and starts, frequent hiatuses and when-the-heck-is-Ramon-going-to-update-this-thing sporadicness that was BNS. And I loved every minute of it. Until we meet again in that big coffee shop in the sky, thank you. :’)

  15. darnel

    nice ending

  16. robinite

    thanks for the closure… though my eyes are getting all wet now…

  17. Palmetto

    Thanks for the ride, guys. I came here from Kukuburi, so I’m glad to see it’s revival in my queue this morning.

  18. bartmanstl

    Thank you so much for your wonderful art and great stories. I keep these words close to my heart always – panties trump bacon.

  19. Darren J. Gendron

    Thank you for this. You guys have always been a favorite comic of mine, and you always will be. Now on to the next chapter!

  20. William J

    Been a reader since the beginning, and checked at least once a week, updates or no. Gonna miss the squash, and am excited that kukuburi is getting rolling again!

    Thanks for the laughs =)

  21. Roger

    A quirky (as might be expected) close to a storyline left undone for too long. My weekly fix has been absent and shall now remain so, unless I get my head round the Kukuburi storyline.
    I will leave BNS on my favourites and check back just in case you decide to allow yourselves loose again.
    You have given me many smiles, and laughs, and will continue to be missed. In closing, I have to agree with bartmastl above:

    Panties trump bacon.

  22. Jamieson

    so back in the start you said we would find out what Butternutsquash ment or means // are you going to leave us hanging??

  23. Ramón

    leaving you hanging… for now 🙂

  24. Tarpo

    Very sad its over.. Nice to get an ending though. I still go back now and then and read it from the start and I always enjoy it. One of the best drawn strips ever without a doubt.

  25. CyCo


    Good bye BNS. Thanks to Ramon, Rob, Cola (may she forever chase squirrels in puppy heaven), Sydney, Evan, Vince and the rest of the crew and guest artists.

    Saw Kuku had been updated, came to checkout the ‘squash, and in the end reread the entire thing. Again. Always a grin on my face, many guffaws and bouts of giggles and out and out laughing, even a few tears here and there.

    Good times, good time.

    It’s been a fun ride.

    RIP BNS.

    Unless I see you in the future. Here’s to hoping.

  26. Valentine

    Good ending Ramon your awesome

  27. Ivybaby

    I’m so glad to see one of my fave webcomics have a proper finale….it definitely deserved it!! And if in the future you decide to bring the boys back out to play…i’ll be here to share it with them! Best of luck Ramon and Rob 🙂

  28. Molly

    I’m a little sad at the ending but glad you guys gave it a very BNS ending.

  29. chris

    Don’t disappoint us, keep writing and illustrating . Keep up the good work. Gonna go but Tales of Sand, looks great.

    P.S. Googled you a while back.. apparently this other guy named Ramon Perez died.. I freaked out a little, came back here to see if it was the truth. Felt relieved when I found it wasn’t. Then also noticed this last issue (?) of BNS. Felt damn good to read another one after so long… Cheers.

  30. Ramón

    thanks chris! haha, and not dead! knock on wood 🙂

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