Pedro Del Couer was a marvelous man,
He’d take on any bull in the land.
In his hat and tight pants, he looked so splendito,
He looked as cool as a Macho Bandito.
His surmounting fame made his dance card full
But it all went downhill after he blew the Bull.
In the ring he’d twirl his cape,
And Sunday night grab a Bull by the nape.
All the girls would turn and frown
Cuz they knew, “On da bulls, Pedro goes DOWN!”
Bull fighting afforded him all sorts of stuff
But he was happiest diving into Buffalo Muff
His Chica was alarmed, didn’t know what to do,
He’d come home from work drenched in Bovine Spew.
“If you want to settle down, have kids and wed…”
“You gotta stop giving those Brahma Bulls Head!”
Pedro said “F**K You!” and went on his way,
And he’s still blowing bulls to this very day.

An original poem by Robert Coughler circa 1990

P.S. Sorry Mom I know not how creativity will strike.

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