flavour land
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October 8th, 2003

flavour land


  1. Evan

    I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t walk around with condiments and bacon in my pocket.

  2. Laura

    I love the fact that the food takes precedence over the attractive women in the background, checking the guys out. Ha!

  3. Meghan

    Hahahaha. I’m an exchange student, and I have to say…this is so my life! Especailly the fact that me and the Brazilians really do carry around spices and hot sauce to spice up the Euro food.

  4. p-nut

    During our high school days (anyone remember that stereotype black trent coat years…bad kids with guns, matrix1 comes out ect) well, my best friend carried constant lunch in his pockets. Subway subs, & snacked on them, put them back for later.

    thought i’d share 🙂

  5. p-nut

    by the way i can’t spell trench coat 🙁

  6. lorelei

    I think that you’ve hit on a goldmine of an idea: I mean, who DOESN’T need Pocket Tzatziki? Do I smell Home Shopping Network Instant Success? (and bacon?)

  7. adam

    I tried carrying Bacon in my back pocket once, All I say is Stay awy from dogs…

  8. Candi

    I actually carry ketchup packets in my purse. Along with toy cars and a millon other things.

    Of course, I have a young child as an excuseable reason.

  9. SotiCoto

    Women don’t check out guys wearing sunglasses… at least not these days. Or maybe it is just me.

    … Nevermind. I’m just a capital-grade weirdo.

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