ghettoccino time
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December 3rd, 2003

ghettoccino time

welcome to a slice of my past, a tasty treat concocted by my dad – coffee and vanilla ice cream -affectionately dubbed the ghettoccino by evan. the recipe is as follows;

• take freshly brewed columbian coffee and pour into appropriate mug – size can vary.
• then take a dollop of vanilla ice cream (we recommend breyer’s french vanilla – other flavours can be used for variety, but the original is always the best) and slowly submerge into hot coffee allowing escaping air to froth up.
• sit back, put your feet up and enjoy.


  1. Steve

    Awesome idea! My old buddy Kate loves Vanilla in Orange Soda… And I can’t blame her, it’s great!

  2. Mondo Kane

    Just had my first Ghettochino. Swiftly followed by a second. Now on my third with a side of custard donuts.

    There goes my health kick – thanks a bunch, Ramon 😉

  3. Ramon

    heh heh – no problem mondo 🙂

  4. Mondo Kane

    Yeah, laugh it up… you’re not the one who’s going to end up looking like Jabba the Hutt. Curse my poor European genes! 🙂

  5. Mycala

    I’ve always loved a scoop of chocolate ice cream in my coffee. Then I moved to the city, with a Starbucks on every corner and I haven’t indulged in a while.

  6. Jane

    Here in Pennsylvania we call that a “Shaggy Coffee” for some reason. It’s the perfect cure for a hangover.

  7. Rucoonius Gluteus Maximus

    I’ve tried the Ghettocino. NOT bad… not bad at all. 🙂

  8. Frewt

    Can anyone say Affagatto?

  9. NonPerdeVentura

    affogato. you got it, Frewt 🙂

    best with hazelnut gelato.

  10. Kristen

    Your smirk on panel two is so adorable it actually made me smile.

  11. BenPanced

    This is the best way to drink the coffee at the bottom of the pot that’s starting to burn a little. Mmm…

  12. Aron

    Affogato’s have been round a long time

  13. Puck

    Breyer’s is good because they use good ingredients and have less overrun. (Overrun is the amount of air incorporated into ice cream; the FDA’s legal maximum amount allowed is 100%. Don’t ask me what that means, I’m not quite sure.)


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  15. deutzmiles

    I dont like drinking coffee but after reading this, I think I would try one Ghettochino

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