love hurts
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February 11th, 2004

love hurts

{ soundtrack: the beatles • yesterday }


  1. Thomas

    OH MY GOD! Gouging out my eyes.

  2. Erich

    It’s a sad, sad day for Ramon.
    But you’ve got to appreciate the musical accompaniement.

  3. Tamarron

    …The song makes this comic amazing.

  4. Shiny

    Unfortunately it’s Nazareth’s song that’s stuck in my head due to the title of that particular frame.

  5. KLooD

    Too too perfect 😀

  6. Ilya

    Its better to have love and lost rather than never to have loved at all… or some bs like that.

    He lost his perfect mate… There when its needed and never complains.

  7. Puck

    I didn’t laugh when I read this the first time, but now, with the music, I’m fighting back giggles….

  8. Lord Quetzacoatl

    I hear And All That Could Have Been by NIN

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