cresting the breast
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September 13th, 2007

cresting the breast

if any of you fine folks who enjoy the squash reside on or will be near the east coast, particularily halifax, on sunday september 23rd please swing by this years WORD ON THE STREET festival and say hello! i’ll be residing at the STRANGE ADVENTURES booth doing sketches and peddling graphic novels, comics and apparrel!


  1. Amy

    Is it normal for one to produce that much saliva!

    Or is it Hildy’s rack producing such moisture?

    I wont be able to sleep until I know.

  2. Kyle Galbraith

    I think she was crying into her breasts…

  3. Amy

    ahaha… cant believe im not blonde.

  4. dude

    Man Ramon, this has to be favorite strip yet and I say that everytime you post a new one. You and Rob rock!

  5. BeXoR

    Have we or will we ever see Hildy’s face?

  6. Piper

    the dude sleeps with krista, then gets his face full of tits
    honestly is it envy, or irony?

  7. Brian Larter

    I’ll definitely stop by and say hello! Halifax is a great city.

  8. Senksis

    Wir lieben das Motor-Boating auch! ;o)

  9. Fuel

    I saw the punch coming by frame 2 and started laughing right away. Hilarious strip! He must be some sort of motorboatin’ pro because he really gets into them

  10. Chris

    ugh. I’ve had one two many run ins with hugely breasted women like that, at it’s not something to envy. There is too much of a good thing.

  11. devilchef

    That bastard Andy B is so lucky. That Hildy is a industrial size sex pot and does this mean Vince has been released from the clutches of the she devil? Hope not because that’s some good McLoven to give up.

  12. Andy Nonymous

    It’s nice to see Andy Capp has finally found work in the comic industry again.

  13. Effin' Bartlett

    Ah, Andy Capp. Such a loveable wife-beating drunk.

  14. thomas b.

    found redhead xD

  15. dude

    And you found hildy too!

  16. Enrtropic Voight

    Man, this just made my day. You people ought to be financially independant off this strip. Sell me a goddamn shirt.

  17. VampyreASR

    Hmm. Hildy was much easier to console than I thought. Though I did get my answer – Apparently he’s the man for the job!

  18. Effin' Bartlett

    I believe that it was Nietzsche who once said: “Gitcher motor runnin’…”


  19. Cillian

    One of Nietzsche’s finest quotes indeed! Anyway love the strip lads, ROSEBUD

  20. Chris from Vegas

    Hey… how ’bout we get Rob out of that coma? It’s been, like, a year.

  21. Name (required)

    Maybe the real Rob isn’t around to provide dialogue.

  22. Chris from Vegas

    Bacon..bacon… bacon.. what the hell else does he say?

  23. Rob

    I’m here, I’ve just joined a Monastery where I am to keep a vow of silence on anything Web related… I can’t send emails, I can’t write dialogue, I can’t post on web site blogs…


    You sons of bitches! Goddamnit! ! A whole freakin’ year down the drain!!! Well Ramon, we might as well wake my sorry ass up. There’s no point waiting now.

  24. Rob

    >:O THE LIES!!

  25. KFrosty

    So you were able to join the monastery as a bodyless soul while your body went on to go and have coincidentally sinful adventures?


  26. Cum On Her Tits

    Cum On Her Tits…

    Sorry, it just sounds like a crazy idea for me :)…

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