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September 17th, 2007


webcomicker ryan estrada spammed our inbox today with this great strip! he’s had a mass webcomics spam in the works for god knows how long… and with such a great and funny comic, we had to oblige him!

check out ryan’s work at


  1. dmgi

    Wow. 3 or Four of my daily reads have had a guest comic by Ryan Estrada

    Questionable Content
    Joe Loves Crappy Movies
    Dueling Analogs


  2. grey

    he did Sam and Fuzzy too… he’s just all over the place.
    love this one though.

  3. will

    theater hopper too.

  4. Ariel

    Also . . . Beaver and Steve, Scary Go Round, and Dr. McNinja. Dude is a freakin’ ninja genius.

  5. Mathieu

    Qwantz (Dinosaur Comics) as well

  6. Amber B

    Rob and Elliot too.
    Ryan Estrada sure is somethin’ else.

  7. lauren

    also alien loves predator, which has been dormant forever.

  8. Daniel

    This dog, Rusty, suffers from narcolepsy.

  9. sydesho327

    Rusty rulez!

  10. KFrosty

    Rusty also tends to bark at cats… Knowing this makes me CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!!!

  11. kahn_artist

    Beautiful. Just so beautiful. *fights back tears* I love you Rusty.

  12. Scrotus Maximus

    The catatonic leading the narcoleptic!

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