Guest Strip by Mike Cho: It's Not Easy Being Green.
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January 17th, 2008

Guest Strip by Mike Cho: It's Not Easy Being Green.

mike cho is not only a handsome devil but talented as well as can be seen with this week’s butternut guest strip!

check out mike’s blog (MICHAEL CHO’S SKETCHBOOK) for doodles by this madman of the two-tone, buy a t-shirt or two sporting his fine artwork (CHO STUFF) and by all means read his monthly webcomics that range from a space faring monkey to the history of the atom bomb at PAPERCUT under the transmission-x banner!

now that’s quite a bit of stuff to keep busy with. get to it!


regarding the much asked question as to the return of the squash. well to happily satiate the mob, the squash will be returning on valentine’s day. somewhat appropriate i’d say :)   


  1. Delilah

    Really! I loved this guest strip.
    It might be my favorite so far.

  2. ursie


    how did he do the two last panels, in which andy rips the comic apart? photoshop or smthg??

  3. Petitbatho

    Excellent, I love that 😀

  4. Lee

    brilliant strip!!

  5. Bassem B.

    “I think about my mp3 collection” ROFL

  6. Kelly

    Cool strip…but really, did you have to use “Faggy”? Was that necessary? I know it’s bleeped out, but it’s clear what was meant.

  7. Alison C.

    Oh my god, my sides hurt, i haven’t laughed so hard in such a long time.
    Oh god, the blackness……..the darkness……..

  8. Ronald

    @ ursie: I think it’s called “drawing”

  9. Ramon


    mike used a combination of photoshop and obviously his bad ass skillz (yep, you saw right, with a Z!)

    i’m not sure if i’m revealing a magicians tricks here but mike drew the cartoonier elements and the more somber parts separately and combine them in photoshop, thereby ensuring he would get the best results for both.

  10. Jaythan

    Best guest strip ever, hands down! At work, we’re forced to listen to an emo-ridden station that is the musical equivalent of Ramon’s Journey of the Green Gaybles. Drives me %##@ing CRAZY.

    Now I don’t mean to start up a big controversy, but in this lifetime, I’m oriented towards the guys, and I did not take offense to this at all. I guess I’m not a stereotype! I am so &#$^&$ tired of these ball-less emo idiots whinging about EVERYTHING, and you know this whole “I’m too deep to survive the world” CRAP is for landing another emo-cholic half-ass piece of demi-acoustic drivel on the charts, all so they can score gals or guys as the case may be. MUSIC? Not so much. I want to start a reality show: CELEBRITY EMO SKEET SHOOT, where they tie eunuch singers (and their ukeleles) to weather balloons and you score points for every digit or limb you shoot off – the higher the balloon (and the scream) the more points you score!

    Anyway, laughed my ass off at the whole concept. Sorry for the semi-related disgression!

  11. ..::beep::..

    danm, that was good, but when’re you going to write your own strips again?

  12. Ramon

    i guess i should have reposted from last week. we’ll be back on valentine’s day!

  13. Cameron


  14. Doc

    This is the first time I have ever liked a guess strip done for any comic strip. Definitely going to have to check out r. Cho’s other stuff.

  15. Rico

    BRILLIANT! Very very funny!!

  16. MsNice

    Hi Cho,
    I though nobody used those drawing boards anymore.

  17. bethany


  18. Usivius

    Have seriously loved the quest comics (checking out some of their sites now too), but I want my Rob and Ramon back!
    (I am now singing the song “Come Home Snoopy”, substituting “Snoopy” for “Ramon”.)

    luv ya!

  19. ursie

    ..genius. ; ;

    i’ll fill the void in yr loveless life, ramon! 😀

  20. Michael Cho

    Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for the nice words on my guest strip! It was fun to be in the “take shots at Ramon and Rob” line-up of guest-artists. I’m glad Cameron went on after Chip, though — for me to follow that insanity/genius would be like the Rolling Stones following James Brown on the T.A.M.I. show…

    …and I hereby appologize profusely to anyone I may have offended with this strip!

    P.S.: Ms. Nice — yeah, I still use a drafting table — and so does just about everyone I know. Kick it old-school, people!!

  21. Chip Zdarsky

    Beautiful stuff, Mr. Cho. You will forever be James Brown in my eyes.

  22. kristina

    I loved this strip! Great job Mike!

  23. Guy

    Loved the strip… The reaction Andy had was something that I can relate to. You Cannokes keep impressing this Okie… God I need to stop trying to force bad grammar and slang into my posts.

  24. j.bone

    Sheer genius!

    Killing many birds with one stone in this one, Cho! 🙂

  25. Cristina

    teehee brilliant. I loved every second of this. Cho you’ve gained God points with this strip.

  26. Nico

    this is awesome, but what i really want know is what do the panels say that Andy rips up, just out of curiosity

  27. Austin bankruptcy lawyer

    Just popped over to Cho’s site and after reading it, reread this one and laughed for a good minute. Great post.

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