Guest Strip by Karl Kerschl: THE BNS Army!
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January 24th, 2008

Guest Strip by Karl Kerschl: THE BNS Army!

this weeks beautiful rendition of our ugly mugs is brought to you by the genius known as karl kerschl. karl’s work can predominantly be seen in mainstream comics, his current masterpiece just hitting the shelves is teen titans: year one! his online gallery can be found HERE, and here’s a direct link to DC’s TEEN TITAN’S YEAR ONE.

HOWEVER, karl’s true personality shines through in his webcomic THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, a beautiful romp into the life of, well, the abominable charles christopher and the quirky animals that surround him! click the aforementioned link and enter a wonderful world.

so where did karl’s idea for his guest strip stem from? check out this TX:TV episode that features our halloween escapades!

i knew i should have gone as shipwreck.



  1. Jason Truong

    Fantastic! Simply Fantastic!

  2. Soos


  3. Bulldog

    Nice, very very nice. I remember those things from when I was a kid, when they’d tell me not to tip my head back if I had a nose bleed and all that jazz.

  4. Guy

    I grew up watching GI Joe… and well… this brings back memories… good pretty, slightly distorted through the veil of time memories.

  5. W.Ashton

    OMG! I about pissed my pants!

  6. Kyle Galbraith

    Is it bad that I can hear their voices???

  7. Nigel

    Thank you Ramon, Rob and Karl…

    Thanks you Ramon and Rob for *Butternut Squash*, and for introducing me to Karl – or at least Karl’s work… otherwise it gets a wee bit creepy, what with you not realising, and Karl not knowing… and me just, just watching… just watching…

    ‘course, don’t mind me, I’m only a little slow… here’s me really enjoying *The Abominable…* and thinking (god only knows why) it’s done by some guy named Charles – this is a warning to all children: Don’t Go To Australia!!! all this walking about on our heads really screws you up!

    (and it might give you, Ramon and Rob, pause for thought – this is the calibre of reader you’re attracting)

    Thanks guys! I’m enjoying the ride!


  8. Deoradhain

    One of the best guest strips of all time for just about any comic I’ve ever read.

  9. Roscoe

    HA! yes, yes this will do. This is the best guest strip EVER. I recognized Gung-Ho right away but at first I thought Ramon was Ambush…..Even though he looks nothing like Ambush.
    Anyway, I could ramble on about GI-Joe But instead I will just say again, Great Strip, and: My compliments to Karl Kerschl.

  10. Tauhid

    Easily the best guest strip yet. I am wracked with shame over not being able to identify Clutch.

  11. Chrisy

    This is way better than the knock-offs found on youtube and google video!

  12. IanJ

    this is exactly what I did after reading that comic… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! !

    that comic is f’n great

  13. SynGen262

    Okay, truth stranger than fiction (needs ear & eye bleach after watching the TX:TV halloween webisode).
    Brilliant guest comic though!
    Really really REALLY bad 80’s flashbacks here.
    I can hear the voice and the theme music…

  14. Usivius

    Really well done. The rendition of Ramon is dead on. Scarrry.
    Nice job fellow Canuk!

  15. Hmmm...

    …not to be a party pooper, but when do we get the *real* butternutsquash? I used to be a regular, but these days… Well, I think I might forget the url soon.

  16. Ramon

    i mentioned it last week, but forgot to reiterate it in this week’s blog, BNS is back valentine’s day!

  17. j.bone

    Love the colours on this one! And the likeness.

    When are you going to do a whole year of guest strips?

  18. bittenbydesign

    Good old gung-ho.

    And as someone who read the comics all through my youth I am also upset with myself for not picking clutch…

    Its an excellent comic!

  19. Dan-o

    hehehe… Clutch. Great. Just awesome.

  20. Karsten

    meh. “the heat of the burn will cook that”, no way. the reason people have been using butter before was probably because that was the one thing that always got cooled in the household.

  21. Toxic Delirium

    Wow, does that bring back memories!

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