angry eyes
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March 14th, 2008

angry eyes

a little late, but here nonetheless.did something a little different this week, started drawing the art a little larger. i was feeling confined by the small size when drawing the strips. upping the size really helped 🙂

speaking of original art, i have been debating selling off the original art from the squash. anybody interested?

as well, we are going to begin offering archival prints of all the comics. so if you have a favourite, you’ll be able to get a large 13″ x 19″ (the size might change slightly) to hang on your wall.

oh. and evan’s thinking of making a comeback with his former column “ask evan” so start thinking of some sizable queries.

things to consider.

but for now, sleep…      


  1. Matthew Gallant

    Refusing a high five is pretty cold. I fully support high five moderation, but you can accomplish that by not initiating them yourself. Science!

  2. Jason Truong

    I’d be down for original art, if the price is right… and if I had money.

  3. Will

    I thought something looked different about this strip. Different in a good way though, it looks awesome! Also, count me in for some rightly-priced original Squash art.

  4. Tom Johnstone

    what do you want for the entire series.

  5. Tom Johnstone

    new look – nice.

  6. Jack

    I’m so happy to see you on a regular schedule. Also, if your original format is indeed larger, it seems to already be helping. The lines are more varied, the gesture more subtle. You can fit a lot in there!

    PS are we going to see you at MoCCA this year?

  7. rdennis

    Been reading this comic for a long time now. Just thought I’d tell you that it is excellent! But then you knew that didn’t you? Highfive?

  8. Katja

    I’m digging the Egon Schiele in the background.

  9. Lee Cherolis

    I’d love some BNS originals AND some prints. Who are you thinking about having your prints made with?

  10. deABREU

    is that an Egon Schiele? +2 coolness point to your comic 🙂

  11. Puzuma

    Are you considering the same for Kukuburi as well? There’s a couple of prints form both series I’d consider, depending on price and payment options.

  12. Ari

    LOVE the Egon Schiele print!!! Nice touch…

  13. Mondo Kane

    I think those are fabulous ideas, dude… I would certainly flash some cash for a nice print of the “You ladies could use a little R&R…” strip, and should you float Kukuburi pages the same way… who wouldn’t want El Calavera and his disco suit in their household? 🙂

  14. Mars

    liking Ramon’s hair.

  15. Stone

    I’m fully on the no high-five band wagon…with one exception. I high-five for orgasms. Low fives…all over town. High-five, we better be naked.

    I, too, might be convinced into some prints.


    PS. Did Karl or Brenden forward you the ROFLMAO? I think you’ll know where my tastes lie for prints if they did.

  16. Van

    I’d be interested in some prints, sounds good.

  17. kristina

    Dude, I’ve got to say that it sucks to be left hanging, you feel like the biggest dork if someone doesn’t high five back!

    I would love to have an original! That’d be awesome.That being said, Are you thinking of doing the same for Kukuburi!?

  18. Glen

    Being left hanging is just damm immoral! …why is there porn on the wall?

  19. Aveline

    Schiele = awesomeness.

    Can’t say I’m in the economic position to be springing for originals … but I can definitely bring to mind a few prints I’d like to order. 🙂 what about a book? I like to read BNS over and over and over and over and over and over … my bed is comfier than my computer chair … which I suppose is my own misfortune for being cheap and getting the $30 chair from Ikea ….

  20. Fremder

    Glen: Thats art you heretic 😉

  21. Uncle Beefy

    I can understand the benefits of drawing something larger and shrinking it…But when you do that, you have to make everything BIGGER than you’re used to so it doesn’t look all tiny when you downscale it. Looking at the strip, I knew something was different, because it’s harder to read, and everyone looks like midgets when it’s usually just Rob.

  22. Uncle Beefy

    Here – I’ve copied these exactly as they appear. Check out the noticeable side-by-side difference in the size and clarity of the lettering in the first two panels of the last and first strips:

  23. mrcury

    Woah! It would be great to have large prints! I’ve never commented, but your comic is one of the best things ever. Greetings from Italy! 😀

  24. Spork

    If the price was right, I’d definitely be down for some original art.

  25. David T.G.Riches

    Is that really a version of an Egon Schiele I thought it was a Milo Manara? I thought you would have floated a Dave Stevens “Betty Page” in their considering the timing of his death but if it’s an Egon Schiele it’s got to be what it is.

  26. charis

    id definitely buy some prints for an appropriate price
    and i think the suggestion for a bns book is an exceellllleeennnt idea : )

  27. paté

    would buy some art if it could get to the uk without being damaged, and a book would be great 🙂
    love the comic keep up the good work!

  28. Gordon

    Dibs A Lot:

  29. Eltymon

    How about prints on t-shirts? Size 3XL.

  30. Evan

  31. Jeph

    I’m TOTALLY with you guys – NOT a fan of the high five!!

  32. ted

    OH SHIT!

    i just realized that was an EGON SCHIELE drawing/water-color in the background. good work! i LOVE that creepy-ass guy!

  33. ted

    two other people noticed because i did.


  34. Kyle

    Ahhh the “good game”……so creepy…so…so creepy

  35. CJ "k0r2n3h:

    Amazing work yet again! You have such a way with imagery and proportion that makes the small frames seem spacious and lively.

  36. Mysti

    Interestingly enough, I have been on a random high-five kick lately. You must be in my head or something.

  37. Linus

    Schiele AND bns?!?!?! You guys are AMAZING 🙂

  38. Rico

    Egon Schiele work in the background???…. Ramon my man, you’re a class act.
    High Fives?… not a big fan… just spent a weekend with a serial high fiver — bloody annoying, that!

  39. Stacey

    did anyone notice the nude painting on the wall? perez? what’s up with that?

  40. Secundus

    Yeah, rereading the archives, and JUST NOW noticed the porn/Egon Schiele print on the wall. I might consider it art if I could get a um, you know, CLOSER look…for ten minutes or so…but from this distance, just looks nudie.

  41. Hearing Aids

    Gotta love some high five goodness

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