full circle
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April 17th, 2008

full circle

if rob hadn’t of brought it to my attention i would have just meandered through my days not giving things another thought, but apparently today (okay, well actually yesterday) is our fifth anniversary of doing the squash!

dear god has it been that long!? have me not matured in said time and elevated ourselves to a more cerebral comic of intellectual providence!?

apparently not. hell, i don’t even know what i just said.

by rights we should have a lot (and i mean A LOT)聽more strips after five years, but there were some lean times in the beginning and updating was sparse. well lets cross our fingers and hope things keep on track as we drift into the future.

should we do something special for our five years? nah, we’re not so vain.

okay, we are kinda thinking, debating, perhaps assembling slowly in the background, a collection showcasing the first 5 years of stuff bns. whether it be strips, poster art, lost or hidden strips, doodles, racy photo’s and so forth.

anybody keen on this?

thank you all for comin’ round and reading our little corner of the web world, whether you got here five years ago or today. thanks.



(and a high five from rob!)聽


  1. Dave

    I’d buy a collection. I’ve donated to the site many times before, but holding proof in my hands would be nice.

  2. Fozz

    5 years… wow. And ya never aged!

  3. Zakk

    dude thats awesome, period

  4. Marial

    Wow, five years? That’s pretty awesome. I only just recently found BNS, but I really hope it continues for many years to come 馃檪

  5. Taff

    I started following the Squash back end of ’03 when a guy I worked with pointed me in the right direction (about the only good thing he did that I know of) and have been following the up & downs, the peaks & troughs, the adventures at high sea… ok mumbling now… basically, following the strip every week and without fail laugh at the weekly offerings.

    Please continue to venture forth boys – for it is truly loved by all!


    A Welshman living in Australia…

    ps good idea with the “best of” too

  6. Cocodaye

    BNS is still great after 5 years. If you have stuff available to put together a best of or something like that then great, but dont kill yourself dong it.

    A better birthday present to us is simply a strip up on a Thursday morning 馃槈

  7. Tarpo

    I only found the site a few months ago. Wasted an afternoon at work reading them all from the start though so for that alone its been 5 years well spent.

    I think 5 year anniversary is boobies.. or is that 4th?

  8. Chris

    Where’s the button to order the collected volume!

  9. Vlan2k

    BNS is fantastic!! Doesn’t seem like 5 years….

    By this point I’d pretty much buy whatever you put together. Maybe add a Kuku teaser as well?

    Keep up the AWESOME work!!

  10. Salee

    I just became a recent reader… by recent I mean started and finished yesterday afternoon. 馃榾 I do love this stripe and I’m keen on any type of collection.

  11. Lee Cherolis

    About freakin’ time you collected a BNS book. Sign me up!

  12. D Jeremy Brown

    Happy 5 years, guys! Poor Ramon; always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Now I’m just remembering that low-cut jean comic!


  13. Pibe

    I satarted getting my fix of BNS about 3 years from now…wow…I mean…wow. I don’t even have word to espress it…
    lets try this one:


  14. ash

    i’d love to see a full book of BNS, all glossy and in colour! cheers, keep up the good work!

  15. Chris

    I want all the extras, photos, comics, books, posters, mugs, t-shirts, memoirs…. the lot!

  16. g

    happy 5 years, i hope it’s just the beginning.
    high five from poland 馃檪

  17. cj bear

    i love this strip!! seriously, put together a book, and i’d buy one for every one on my xmas list…

    good game!

  18. Heather

    My husband got me started on this comic a few years ago, and I got hooked when he so lovingly downloaded a wallpaper of Rob covered in nothing but bacon LMAO!

    And do you know I cried when the dog in the strip died? Sniff, sniff…

    Keep it rocking, and keep the strip coming!


  19. Roscoe

    Congradulations on 5 years BNS crew.
    Just to weigh in:
    I would buy a book. I hope you fill it with loads of cool extra stuff, Maybe a few rough WIP strips, Some poster art, or a forward by Tony Danza.
    Whatever, I’ll buy.

  20. Daniel

    The characters’ appearance keeps evolving… and I like it!

    Eyes all around!

  21. Daniel

    Incidentally, Ramon has his old hair back… Not that I’m complaining, but… continuity error?

  22. Rob

    Well his hair has grown out a little and he didn’t tease his bangs sooo you know… it happens… but it also helps to reference back to this oldie but goodie!


  23. Mondo Kane

    Five years very well spent keeping us Butternutties entertained – here’s to another five 馃檪

    C’mon, bring on the anniversary goodies fellas! We got snappin’ wallets here!

  24. Bill M

    I’ve been reading about little over a year now and every strip is awesome, keep up the great work!

  25. The Zo

    I’d buy it if it were comprised of nothing more than narcolepsy weener dog chasing a myriad of objects. Or Mahna Mahna blowing up repeatedly

  26. Chip

    Hell yes!!! I’m intereested!!!

    Can I through a vote for alot of racy redhead sketchess…?

  27. Samuel

    Congradulations on five years guys!

    My friends and I have been loving Ramon’s work with Palladium Books for years, so imagine our surprise when we discovered your webcomic. We are in danger of developing man-crushes on you guys.

  28. Mr Muddle

    Happy 5th, BNS! Racy photo’s agogo.

  29. Delilah


  30. Telle

    dude, mazel Tov!
    and no, you should be proud of the amount of stirps you’ve done in the last five years!
    they’re all outstanding if not decently funny.
    i am so glad i found your little corner. dunno WHAT i would have done if i hadn’t. i needed a few good laughs.
    thanks and please keep it goin!

  31. Etiquetteer

    Congratulations you guys! I have been LOVING the Squash since “Coffee please” about four-something years ago. Keep it up!

  32. Matt

    Awesome! Happy (belated) 5th year!

    Ifn you were to make some posters and whatnot, I would totally buy them!

    (those and the racy photos! I’m not picky)

  33. T-Bag

    Holy Crap!!! I’ve lost 5 years of life to this friggin web-strip… 馃槈

    Congrats gents! Keep up the excellent work, it gives me hope on Thursdays.

    A collection would be down right grand!

    Cheers and I’ll raise a pint to ya!

  34. Brave Baker

    Congratulations on 5 years.

    What’s that behind Rob’s back in the last panel? Looks like you decided to ink/color your bounding box for Rob’s knocked over coffee cup.

  35. Dashcan

    Grats on the half a decade.

    If one of my friends flaunted stuff like that? I’d deck him.
    It’s not cool.
    And then I’d be sure to remind him how he messed it up before.

  36. kristina

    poor Ramon….your day will come!

    And WOW, it’s been five years!? Way to go guys! Congrats.

  37. JayCee

    great! congrats on the 5th anniversary!

    Is Ramon’s watch missing on the third frame??

  38. k0r2n3h

    Amazing! Never knew that you where on for that long!

    I do have a question however, that I might have asked already… do you plan on getting your work published? I would so be interested in buying a book if you ever made one.

  39. k0r2n3h

    Wow…. I totally misread your comment, sorry about that. I’m not worthy!

  40. Jon

    Happy 5th! Best damn comic on the web!

  41. nan williems

    wow, i was an original reader type? 2003 was when i was meant to be studying hard at a japanese university … 2003 was the year i spent a lot of time reading webcomics at the university’s net cafe.

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