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December 5th, 2009

BNS by Chuck Harrison

hello everybody. apparently there has been a bit of a flame war going on regarding all the guest strips and lack of actual BNS content. well as many of you probably know i’ve been away on a trip of europe for the past 2 months. half work, half pleasure, and my first such holiday in over 10 yrs if not longer.

at first i had brought strips to work on during my travels, but then realized that, hey i’m in europe and on holiday… let’s enjoy it. so i put out a call to the wonderful fans of the squash to see if they could help me out with some content in the meantime. and as you can see from the passed few weeks of updates they came through. thank you all!

speaking of which, this weeks bit of whimsy, which comes a bit late due to the site being down mid week, is by chuck harrison. he’s taken a nice little spin on our boys which gave me a nice chuckle when it arrived in my inbox weeks ago! chuck also does a webcomic of his own titled decaffeinated coffee which updates waaaay more often than butternnut does, he’s also giveb us the thumbs up in his top 10 webcomics list of 2009. very kind of you chuck – we plan on living up to it when we return!

and speaking of returning… i’m now back in the home land and with that the squash will returning in a couple weeks as i take a moment to settle in. i will post official like dates next week as i readjust to eastern standard time….


  1. Stinky

    “i’m now back in the home land and with that the squash will returning in a couple weeks as i take a moment to settle in. ”

    A couple of weeks? Hey…take all the time you need, dude. Wouldn’t want you to injure yourself trying to get up a whole EIGHT strips in a calendar year.

    Oh, wait…I forgot. According to some of the other posters, I’m not supposed to complain about the update frequency of a product I get for free. Because you’re just a poor webcomic creator. One who’s so broke you could only afford to spend TWO months in Europe.

  2. ryan scott

    This old chestnut again?

  3. Sal

    Don’t complain about it you troll.

  4. Rob

    Okay guys seriously…

    Stop reading.

    If you’ve already posted that you’re pissed and can’t see why we don’t update sooner. Stop reading. If you for any reason get angered in any way by coming to this site… then stop reading.

    I’m not putting a gun to your head. Stop taking the 10 seconds a day out of your life that it may actually take to see if we have a new strip and look at something else. Just Stop reading. We do this as a fun side project to give people a smirk once in a while. We didn’t put this up for people to throw tantrums at us.

    If that isn’t the choice you want to take… quit whining to us about it in the comments section. Quit whining and telling us how to run a webcomic or how your life seems to be ruined because you didn’t get a weekly web funny. There are plenty other web comics to get mad at all over the internet so go knock yourself out.

    Do we hope to get a regular schedule? Yes. Do we hope to do more with this in the future? Yes sir! If anyone wants to give us a salary of $30,000 to do this comic 5 days a week we will gladly take that and make it work. If you wonder whether we feel bad that we’ve missed an update… We most certainly do. Comment like stinky’s above are actually the only thing that has the opposite effect on web comic creators. If your dog keeps crapping on your carpet you don’t give him a treat.

    If you like our comic and don’t mind slugging through our transitional schedule while waiting for our golden comedy moments then by all means we love having you stop by. We definitely plan to stop spinning the tires soon.

    And Stinky if you want to take a two month vacation to europe just work double overtime for 6 months without a break and 5 hours sleep a night if you’re lucky, to build of a bank roll to cover your expenses while you’re gone. It’s that simple for the big shot web comic artists.

  5. The Swiss Diplomat

    Hey Rob. How’s it goin’?

    So. I say this now as a longtime fan and reader. If this method, this well worded written rant hasn’t worked before, why would it work now?

    You know as well as me, probably better, that a creator of anything has responsibilities to their creation. I have been reading this comic for a very long time, and the only conclusion I can draw is that you have not been taking care of your responsibilities lately, and these are the consequenses.

    God, it hurts to type that, Rob, it really does. I hate every second of this, I want you to know. But I think it’s right.

    Now, when I say responsibilities, I’m not talking about the update schedule. That is entirely within your and Ramon’s joint discretion to decide, based on whatever you deem necessary. It’s none of my business and it’s completely beside my point.

    So what is my point?

    Good question! Give me a second to remember it.
    Oh yeah.

    Your poor, neglected, public responsibilities.

    It just doesn’t feel fair to us, Rob. The people who don’t mind if you can’t get the work done on time. The people who have stuck around. The people who don’t intend on leaving. Because this is a public place, and as such there are always going to be people like Spork and Stinky. Always. Others may try to shout them down but they the end of the day, they’re part of the same public. They have no power over each other.

    But YOU.

    You’re the CREATOR.

    You have power over this place that we don’t. You have options. Granted I do not know what transmission-x allows, but I know many other webcomics choose to have discussions about their daily comics in their forums, most likely for exactly this reason. Sinfest does this, QC does this, and Loserz used to do this. There, if anyone gets too out of line, you can simply ban them. This would leave you free to close the comments, but as long as you plug the forum every day in newsposts you would never have to lose out on reader input.

    I believe this move would alleviate a lot of frusturation on both the readers and yourselves.

    Of course, my word is not sacrosanct by any means. You are the creator here, you and Ramon. It is up to you both how you use, or do not use the options before you. But at the end of the day, the consequenses are yours as well.

    Oof. It’s done. I want to say again that I didn’t enjoy writing any of that, save maybe the lame joke in the middle and the next scentince when I fully drop the formal tone. Again, the only reason I’m even here saying this is because I think it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, why bother? Like I said, I’ve been here a very long time, before the comments were alive, before there was a year three (or two, I don’t remember), and I’m getting very tired of reading these complaint things. But no matter what you choose to do, given the opportunity I would like to continue reading the ‘Squash in any form, be it dead or alive or guest comic zone. All I’m asking for is a mitzvah.

    By the way, if you get a chance, try Shark at the next taste of the Danforth. It’s a treat, man. Tastes like blue, but good.

  6. Adam Casalino

    um… I hope you had a nice vacation?

    Lol, I’m no hater. I hope you can readjust to North American time and get back into the swing of things soon enough. I dunno if you did or not, but post some pics of the trip! I hope to go to Europe one day maself. I hear its old and stuff.

    Funny guest strip by the way. Nice little nod to Veggie Tales (though I don’t think Larry and Bob would mind at all =).

  7. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer

    I think this was all just a ploy to get Rob’s Rants back. I may be the only one that gets a kick out of this whole argument but it’s a little laughable. Hope the vacation went well, read an interview and flipped through Ramon’s travel blog,and can’t wait for an update. Thanks for the comic guys.

  8. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer

    That and liked today’s strip, I think the sketch by the title of the post, really sums it up.

  9. Stinky

    @ Rob:

    “…Quit whining to us about it in the comments section. Quit whining and telling us how to run a webcomic.”

    Quit WHINING? Really?!? You honestly think it’s in your best interest from a PR standpoint to tell your readers to “quit whining”?!? Especially when you guys work slightly less often than a 30-year-old Italian car? “Quit telling us how to run a webcomic”? Well, don’t you suppose SOMEONE ought to?

    Look, let me hit you with a littlebit of raw data to put things in perspective for you. Since mid-November of 2007, here’s how it breaks down:

    Number of original, in-continuity strips: 29
    Number of guest strips: 16

    In other words, in the last 25 months, other people have posted strips on BNS just about 55% as much as the creators have. And you have the balls to DEFEND that?

    You can get all the defensive against (and insulting to) the readers all you like. But the fact remains that after as many apologies, excuses and months-long “breaks” as we’ve put up with, we have every right to be irritated, and you know it. And I think we’ve been more than fair, more than patient, and more than tolerant. We keep coming back, even in the face of of extended outages, massive amounts of bottom-of-the-barrel guest strips, and rampant half-assery.

    And think about this: there are a lot of people who follow this strip. I’d wager, not as many as there used to be when updates weren’t slower than the second coming of Christ, but still a lot of people. And yet, it still took the output sinking to such a dismal level before any of this blew up in your face. The banner still says “Wednesdays.” Yet, you guys have managed to drop a whopping seven strips this year. And it’s DECEMBER. Come on! Make light of it all you want, but that’s not “missing a scheduled update.” Based on 52 weeks a year minus the 7 you managed to put up, that’s missing more than 86% of them! I’m sure you WOULD like to get paid $30,000 a year to do this. But based on a work ethic like THAT, would YOU even hire you? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t. How long do you expect us to buy the line that you’re “slugging through [a] transitional schedule”? ANOTHER two-and-a-half years?

    Y’know, there are webcomics creators who manage to make a living from their creations. Take Jeph Jaqcues, for example. He makes a living from “Questionable Content” because he puts up a full-color, nearly full-page update every day. THAT’S the sort of thing that builds a following and moves the merch, my friend. and sure, sometimes he complains in the news posts that he’s sick, or traveling, or doesn’t feel well. But guess what? HE STILL PUTS UP THE STRIPS.

    If you want the perks that come along with being a professional, maybe you ought to start thinking about acting like one. Dress for the job you want, right? Or, you could always just spend that time slacking off for a year, bragging about your vacations, and making excuses. After that, it amazes me that you still have the balls to tell longtime readers to “quit whining” when they actually have the audacity to try to hold you accountable for the update schedule YOU YOURSELF SET UP IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE.

    At some point, all of the excuses and apologies started to blur together, and began to sound an awful lot like crying “wolf.” Not to mention SMELLING a lot like what the wolf himself does when he squats in the grass.

    And as long as I’m on the subject of shit, you guys really either need to do it, or get off the pot. Because if your 86% of missed updates don’t alienate what little readership you have left, the telling us to “quit whining” about it is guaranteed to, I assure you.

  10. Chuck Harrison

    @Stinky I’m sorry you feel that way man, and I’m sorry you don’t like my strip. Or any of us other guest artists strips either. I really dig BNS and have since 2004. But I have to say as a semi successful web-comic creator myself it can get hectic. Epically when there’s little to no money to be made from the thing and there are other people willing to pay you to do other projects.

    I went from updating my rants seven days a week to five. And my art and writing are no where near on par with this strip.

    When I asked Ramon if I could do a guest spot for him and he said yes I was honored. These two nuts have made me laugh for nearly six years man and I can tell by your ALL CAPS they’ve made you laugh to. I too (like alot of others) have wished for more, but hey I take what I can get and I’m grateful for it. Even more so when it comes outta Rob’s mind and Ramon’s hand.

    Sounds like I’m sucking up because my comic is up above doesent it? Damn…it does. I’m not tho, or am I? I haven’t decided yet.

    @Philly @Adam, thanks guys for liking the strip! Like Philly I really enjoy the sketch more than the final product.

  11. Ryuzaki Rani

    @ Rob and Ramon
    Ahahaha! As a fan that’s been adoring you both for a while I see your frustration. It’s like asking a university student to constantly get updates done during exam time! It’s foolish to be ungrateful, and like you said you’re both very busy and life keeps getting busier and busier. A few weeks is really no time at all.

    If you have the time to sit there and whine and complain then really, don’t bother reading it. I can’t believe you sat there for so long and typed up a long-winded rant instead of just clicking away. Is your life so devoted to just this one comic? Yes it’s a wonderful one, yes it’s one of my favorites…but really man, watch some television or something. Maybe give someone a hug, it sounds like you need one.

    Ramon and Rob, I love you guys. Love, Peace, Happiness and support from your friends who appreciate you. =] <3

  12. digz

    “Based on 52 weeks a year minus the 7 you managed to put up, that’s missing more than 86% of them!”

    Based on that one calculation, and the two posts you’ve made this topic, I’d say your missing out on 99% of life.

    “Quit WHINING? Really?!? You honestly think it’s in your best interest from a PR standpoint to tell your readers to “quit whining”?!?”

    Some readers are less valuable than others…..your doucheometer is redlining….you really should chill a little.

  13. KJones

    Ramon and Rob, I have been following BNS for years and I love it. Just thought I’d let you know we aren’t all ungrateful whiners like Stinky.

    Until Ramon and Rob make enough money from BNS to support themselves they will be forced to devote at least 40 hours of their week doing other jobs, just like the rest of us. That doesn’t leave much time for BNS, unfortunately, but most of us understand that you can’t live without an income.

    Since Stinky is a fan of math, maybe he can figure out a way to pay the rent with a web comic that you give away for free.

  14. Trones

    First off, love the comic — the waits actually make it that much more exciting when new strips are posted. Also, I’ve noticed that trolls like Stinky actually do contribute (albeit accidentally): they give the fans who may not comment otherwise a little push to speak up and tell the creators that despite what the ungrateful minority of readers say, that there are tons of us who are quite happy that you take the time to share your creativity, talent, and humor with us; we know you don’t have to, and truly appreciate that you do! To the trolls: it’s fun to laugh at you, and it’s nice that you get us normally quiet readers to speak up and show our appreciation =)

  15. Stew Miller

    Hey, ya know, as also a, as one might say, ‘kinda-semi-sorta-successful’ web comic artist and writer, I have days -long periods even- where I just don’t feel like doing squat with the site and still do feel bad about it, as I can tell immediately you do. I, too, was emailed with a boisterous ‘yes’ to fulfill the need for a guest strip, and I did one, and I emailed it and… well, we can’t all get our faces on the BNS, but neither of these things take away from my past, present, and future enjoyment of the comic. Look, you may lose a fan or two from this comment section, and though it sucks, it’s just an inevitability. Stick to your guns, get back on the train, and I (just like so many of us) hope you return as soon as you’re damn good and ready. See ya soon!

  16. West Palm Beach criminal attorney

    That biggest statement for them doing there own thing, is that they have people so enthralled with BNS they are willing to start a flame war on every guest strip that gets posted. That’s awesome if you ask me.

  17. Stinky

    @ KJones:

    “Since Stinky is a fan of math, maybe he can figure out a way to pay the rent with a web comic that you give away for free.”

    Thankfully, I don’t HAVE to figure that out, because lots of people already have a good handle on the business model. There’s no secret formula to it. All you have to do is put in the bloody work. You put out your strip, make sure the quality and updates stay consistent, and then once a following builds up, you can SELL them things. T-shirts. Books. Merchandise. *GASP!* I know! What a revolutionary idea!

    To put a finer point on it: I have personally bought merchandise from webcomics. Yes! But I only buy things from people who work hard, and who put out a consistent, quality product worthy of support. To wit: I’ve bought books from Chris Onstad and John Allison, t-shirts from Jeph Jacques, the Chaps Brothers and Richard Stevens, and a poster from Chris Hastings. I have a framed Randall Munroe print hanging in my kitchen, hit Danielle Corsetto’s PayPal link, and have donated to Child’s Play. In short: I support webcomics not just with lip service, but with actual MONEY. I know full well that comic artists who are not syndicated must find ways to earn money elsewhere. So, provided that I feel they’ve earned it, I am the elusive reader that chips in financial support when I can. It just makes sense to investing in the future of an art form I appreciate by supporting examples of it I enjoy created by hardworking people who advance the medium.

    And conversely, if I see anyone dragging it down due to neglect, I reserve the right to pipe up about THAT, too. Obviously.

    @ digz:

    “Some readers are less valuable than others”

    True. But I’d wager that those of us who actually BUY stuff don’t fall into that category. Wouldn’t you?

    So, feel free to label me as a “troll” all you like, friends. Because regardless of your personal feelings, I’m the kind of reader most webcomics would kill for: enthusiastic, free with the word-of-mouth, loyal, and oh, yeah…financially supportive. I dig webcomics so much that I’m willing to return frequently to once-cool zombie comics like this one in hopes that their creators will show SOME sign of getting back to giving as much of a shit about it as *I* do. Because when it becomes clear that they not only stopped caring a long time ago, but that they have the sack to get hostile with readers who DARE to hold them accountable for their apathy, laziness, and overall lack of respect? It hurts the credibility of the entire medium. And deep down, everyone reading this knows I’m right whether theyll admit as much publicly, or not.

    But by all means, feel free to keep kissing Rob and Ramón’s asses. Maybe if their butts get smooched enough, they’ll decide to get up off of them, and DO SOMETHING.

  18. Boomers

    And what about the people that just do this as a side personal project? Some people highly enjoy what they do outside of webcomic work, and would rather keep at that.

    I find nothing tragic about BNS…no, they don’t update often. But the creators are just doing this for fun. When did that become a problem? Badmouthing comics that don’t update as often as you’d like? It takes about 2 seconds to see if there’s an update up…and god knows how long to actually plan, draw, and color that update. Yes, Jeph Jacques, Ryan Sohmer and Lar deSouza, Danielle Corsetto and others have made their respective comics a successful source of income. Good for them. That doesn’t give us, the readers, a right to expect that sort of consistency from creators who don’t choose to turn their creations into income.
    Rob, Ramon: please keep up the good work. Its been a great ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  19. zenoscope

    Don’t worry guys, you are up with the greats! George R R Martin has this same problem with his fans. Take it as a compliment.
    Update when you like, I’ll still read it.

    ps I totally agree with West Palm Beach criminal attorney

  20. john

    didnt read all the comments just the first few. i did get tired of not getting updates while rob was in his coma and i did stop reading… for a long ass time. but now im back and it all still funny as hell and im stoked you guys plan on doin more with it. if you cant stand not getting your bns updates why dont you stop reading for a few months let the comic get ahead of you and come back and read one a week then the rest of us can stop having to hear your bitchin.

  21. Rob

    Ahem… tap tap tap… is this thing on? Stinky if this site is angering you then stop reading. Just stop. It will clearly take a lot of undue stress off your shoulders and typing fingers. Thank you.

  22. Paul

    @Chuck–nice strip, btw!

  23. blue.jester

    Can’t we all just get along.

    Besides, I don’t check the site every day or “scheduled” update either, because of the glories of the RSS feed. Gotta love an RSS feed, saves all the clicking and the stress. You load up your email and look at that an RSS to tell you good things have happened on websites you follow. It was why I added a feed to my own site, because people kept complaining that when I posted something they didn’t know unless they went there.

    Now, in the spirit of Christmas, let’s just stop all this fussin’ and a fightin’

  24. Reglan Side Effects Lawsuit

    So blue.jester are you starting to get jealous that you’re guest strip didn’t cause this much of a tussle.

    Keep up the strip, love the BNS.

  25. ivybaby

    Hey guys….whew! Lots of opinions and angst out there!!!!! I just wanted to let you know that there are many of us that appreciate the work you do and will happily wait for new strips; I for one, happen to think they’re worth the wait!! Ramon, I hope you had a great time in Europe-I envy you!!

    Happy Holidays to you both!

  26. blue.jester

    @Reglan Side Effects Lawsuit

    Maybe a little lol. No Rob, put down the Hand-helmet, it isn’t needed.

  27. Rob

    He guys… no worries. I’m not angry. Stinky had quite a few entries last comic page and then more on this one. Everyone of them seemed to indicate he was quite displeased with this page and us creators in general. So I took the initiative to suggest that if we are causing him this much grief then just stop coming back and the disappointment will end. To those of you who stick with us through thick and extremely thin… Kudos and many thanks. To the Sporks and Stinkys out there, if this site is angering you each time you come and don’t see a scheduled update then by all means stop coming by. We are trying to do something people will enjoy and if you’re not enjoying we are clearly not the site for you.

    Happy Holidays.

  28. Ace

    Instead of whining, I shall instead use one of the greatest theme songs ever to show my appreciation for your return.

    Everyone? Together now:

    Welcome back,
    Your dreams were your ticket out.

    Welcome back,
    To that same old place that you laughed about.

    Well the names have all changed since you hung around,
    But those dreams have remained and they’re turned around.

    Who’d have thought they’d lead ya (Who’d have thought they’d lead ya)
    Here where we need ya (Here where we need ya)

    Yeah we tease him a lot cause we’ve got him on the spot, welcome back,
    Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

  29. salamurai

    I can’t believe I didn’t notice there were comments posted! And I missed flame war comedy! My life is ruined. well, not really. It’s only a comic. A great comic, but only food and shelter are really important.

    Thanks for BNS. I hope to see more!

  30. Tony G.

    Chuck, I really dig your lettering for “Hey kids, it’s time for some Butternut Squash!” Did you hand letter that? If so, kudos.

    @Stinky: I understand your frustration, and the other day I even supported your stance. I gotta agree with rob though, if you’re getting this upset about the whole ordeal then you need to take a breather.

    do i roll my eyes when i see a new piece of filler art? yea. will i keep coming back to the website because i really liked it when it was in full swing? definitely. but there’s other comics you can read which are of equal and better quality. you even mentioned questionable content in your argument. i’m sure you can find other ways to take up your time!

    even though i think questionable content is not all that funny. 😮 ooooh snap!

  31. mothra

    Guys, I really like BNS and am happy to see the story resume …

    Re the whole updates thing: I just decided to check up on the strip after the European Vacation, and, um, it had been so long that I had FORGOTTEN THE NAME OF THE STRIP. All I could remember was “what color is the sky in your world?” Oh dear. Panic. Couldn’t find the link on the Kukuburi page, either.

    Of course I could easily remember other stuff about BNS, such as the names of the characters, and the narcoleptic dog, and what Rob looks like as a designer lamp while comatose, and any number of other amusements, but, seriously, not the name of the strip.

    Good thing it was bookmarked, and that I remembered that …

    I want to support you guys, not diss you in any way, but if there is any way to make the updates more regular, I think it’s to your benefit as much as to the readership’s.

    Failing that, you do seem to have good talent to fill in for you; I like most of the guest strips. You guys look cute as veg.

    Have some rocking holidays, okay?


  32. FlightyCupCake

    Well I hope Rob and Ramon have learned their lesson. No more infusing their comics with futuristic internet crack, it makes people cray cray.

    p.s. Be kind to that orangutan

    p.p.s. Love your comic

  33. Annalia

    mothra has an excellent point: you look awesome as squashes. ^^

    Keep up the good work, by the way. BNS is one of my favourite comic around when I seek random silliness. It’s an hilarious piece of art, and I cannot thank you enough for the joys the narcoleptic dog brought me. 🙂

  34. yLanaRae

    I bypassed that WHOLE thing, because I fear that it was angry and juvenile. Update when you update. Everyone’s lives get hectic. we should be able, as fans and as people, to appreciate that.

    I LOVE BNS. I get excited when a new strip comes out, whenever that happens to be. I’ve been a fan for years and will keep coming back, regardless of how little, or how much, you guys update. Rob, you’re fantastic.

    I just want everyone to get along… /sob

  35. Mr. Zed

    Just got done reading this monstrous section of comments, and as a person who works with easily displeased clientele, I simply must say this: Stinky, stop with the self-important tirades and rantings. These people are giving you free entertainment, and you’re not entitled to demand anything of them. Perhaps some of us may “kiss their asses” as you so eloquently put forth, but perhaps we spend a little more time out in the real world where people who actually put in a hard day’s work deserve a little downtime and respect for said work. You come off as a whiny brat who got a sugar cookie instead of the usual chocolate chip that you got for nothing. Both are delicious, mouthwatering treats, yet your personal preference has soured your taste for anything but the normal. If anything, you would be the one who has their lips planted firmly on certain authors’ rear ends, acting the way you do. It’s as if your life would be empty and distraught without Rob and Ramon’s comical works to fill the gaping void in your psyche. I may be wrong, but that’s the face you present to us, the other readers. If that’s how you prefer others to see you, a sad, lonely little shell of a troll… Then you are most certainly not entitled to demand so much from people who ask so little back. Like Rob said: Pay them, and pay them good, and they can quit their day jobs to produce for you, O Royal Stinky, the Butternutsquash internet comic that you love so very, very much. Otherwise, just sit down and shut up.

  36. Brian

    Aaargh, I’ve been reading this comic for years, and I hate doing this…I’ve often been disappointed at the lack of updates, but here’s the thing…IT’S FREE!. THEY ARE NOT CHARGING US FOR THIS. STOP BEING A BABY AND READ THE DAMN COMIC.

    Also, holy crap! Veggie Tales!

  37. Esse

    Oh wow haha, cant believe people are crying over the fact that this webcomic isnt being updated often…
    Ive been reading for a while too, checking every few months or so. Im happy when there’s updates but if there isnt im not going to throw a fit. Ill just wait or read some other comics in the meantime. We’re lucky enough to have a lot of reading content available online, so if you cant find updates here just go read other comics elsewhere and check back here later thats all.
    Im not a huge fan of guest comics, but thats mostly because i love your drawing style too much Perez ;).
    Keep it up guys

  38. teenage.monstrosity

    @ Stinky wtf? Unlike you, these people have lives. They don’t sit at their computer clicking refresh and screaming bloody murder if a comic isn’t updated exactly on time. Living in New Zealand, I get updates almost a day late, let alone that most artists usually end up posting slightly late since they actually do a crapload of work. I just do something else until I think most of them will be updated, check them out and if osme aren’t, I come back to them the next day/later on. It just doesn’t matter dude. Other webcomics, and other more important things to do (read, exercise, get a job etc.) Many webcomics are made by full time artists who do the comic for fun, others make it full time by pouring every spare second into merchandising and side projects, which makes it difficult to keep exactly on time. Either way, they all have a lot of stuff to do, and the only webcomics I know of where the authors don’t need side projects/contract work etc. are QC, Real life comics and XKCD. Undoubtedly there are others but they are rare and only the most popular ones can pull it off. I imagine RLC only can because Liz earns as well.

    ANYWAY, the point is just do something else in the meantime. It honestly sounds as though you’re only purpose in life is to see this comic update, yet you despise the authors so….

  39. teenage.monstrosity

    Also, this particular strip had me laughing so hard…I remember my days at christian camp (shudder) watching veggie tales. At that age, it was actually a hilarious show. And the invisible arms thing probably would give me that reaction in real life! Keep up the great work guys, and remember that you can update whenever you damn well please!!!

  40. LOL

    Dear Stinky, no one cares about your opinions, or how well you can debate every single point thrown at you. 🙂 You’re a troll is a troll is a troll is a troll. It’s not like this webcomic not getting updated the way you want is going to keep your girlfriend from getting her rhinoplasty. You know, that girl who obviously loves you for your sparkling personality and non-judgmental behaviour. 😛

    I love butternut squash, it’s free, it’s funny, and it’s a strip that has enough artists willing to do guest strips. That’s called making a difference. That’s the opposite of your posts, in case you didn’t know. Have a nice day!

  41. dantedog

    frig sake! calm down people!

  42. club penguin

    Until Ramon and Rob make enough money from BNS to support themselves they will be forced to devote at least 40 hours of their week doing other jobs, just like the rest of us. That doesn’t leave much time for BNS, unfortunately, but most of us understand that you can’t live without an income.

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