Ramón Pérez • Writer & Artist

you’d think that being unamed for the first three months of your life would leave you emotionally scarred. not so with ramón. in fact, he is so arrogant that he has to work alon to avoid objects being thrown at him. huge ego? over compensation? that’s ramón in a nutshell. when not indulging in self gratification ramón spends his time illustrating too many projects in too little time. he is steadfastly working his way towards an aneurysm. to relax ramón enjoys bubble baths with puppies and dancing in the buff to tom jones. ramón also likes to refer to himself in the third person. a lot.

Rob Coughler • Writer

what can you say about rob that hasn’t already been written on a bathroom wall. he’s like a dirty limerick with a happy ending. one minute he’s sweet as pie, then he throws out a quip that would make dr. ruth blush. by day he tolls in the numerous jobs he may have at any given time. whether it be coffee whore, adult store sexpert, actor, writer, colourist or occassional radio personality. these are all liable to change at any given moment. rob and ramón have been friends for far too long and these years coould not be chronicled in any other format but a cartoon.

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