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April 16th, 2003

meet da punks!


  1. A

    ok Ramon. just to start off your comic rules.
    me and my friend are trying to make a comic book of our own but we dont nearly have the money.
    so if you could get back to us that’d be great.
    we’re not asking for alot.
    and were not exactlly professionals we have school and shit. were trying our best. if you reply(just say hey not money)we’ll send you some of the art and stuff
    thanks again.

  2. Ramon

    are you asking me for money?

  3. A

    naw it was a joke dude haha.
    whatever, you comic rules!

  4. A

    sorri that was my friends idea. he was just trying to piss me off.
    sorri again.

  5. Anna

    I’m gonna start up with confessing that I’ve read this wonderful piece of work for almost three years without leaving any kind of mark on the website whatsoever. Yes, I’m a bad person, I hate to give compliments over the net and I’m too psyched about my English.
    But after seeing that first comment (just fucking sad) I had to step up and give you guys some real credit.
    BNS is simply marvellous and it amuses me to no end. If you decided to end it right now I wouldn’t even get pissed, ‘cause it’s been such a fun ride.
    Seriously, I intend to make up three years of neglect to you and it will probably involve my art-skills. It’s either that or I’ll take a plane from Sweden to Canada to show you guys my special party trick where I squeeze up my boob-crack to my throat (it’s a gift) but I still haven’t decided on that matter…
    Anyway, that was my embarrassing moment in the BNS-spotlight, I just wanted to make up for that poor comment, and when you least expect it I’ll toss you a little something to say “thanks”.

  6. T-man

    “[…]show you guys my special party trick where I squeeze up my boob-crack to my throat (it’s a gift) but I still haven’t decided on that matter…”

    *forming mental picture*… still not sure if it’s awesome or disturbing.

    Couldn’t be more right about BNS though!

  7. Kyle

    I started reading BNS this week while at work. I can’t remember how I came across it…but I do a lot of web surfing at work. (I have one of those jobs that pays decent, has no stress, and almost no real work. It’s a blessing and a curse because I get bored a lot and have to entertain myself…thus the web surfing.) So I read this comic from the beginning. WOW! Way cool stuff. I really like it. After doing some more investigating, I found some other comics that I also like…for example Kukuburi (which is also done by Ramon Perez). Nicely done. Kudos to you and your fine work.

    I think you should take Anna up on her boob-crack thing…if for no other reason than to say: “I once had a groupie who did this funny boob-crack thing.”

  8. k0r2n3h

    I discovered your site in my senior year of high school, and since then have been reading it like crazy.

    Anyways, I’m a freshman now in art school and I’ve just wanted to say that you guys are an inspiration to me and have taught me a lot about putting a lot character into simple beings and themes. I hope to create great work like you guys someday. 🙂

    Keep it real.

  9. ~jg3 » Blog Archive » Butternutsquash

    […]  The honesty is what makes it hilarious and loveable, but also reviling.  I recommend that you begin at the beginning.  Nowhere else can I imagine to find an image like […]

  10. Scott Keeble

    I like men and sabina gozman, butternut squash feels good in my pants, i have a son named biff

  11. Sabina Gozman

    OMG, scott ur soooo big i want u in my pants and breasts

  12. Scott Keeble

    O yeah babe i would be with you but i am busy fixing my backpack because it is broken, i am outside your window right now planning to kill your family

  13. james

    hey im new to the game although i have been drawing sinse i was a kid and i wanted to know how the hell do you get a start in the world, like how do i go about getting my stuff seen and who do i show it to? if you could point me in somewhat of a direction that would kick ass oh and by the way your work for rifts has given me n end of ideas and enjoyment of your work keep up the premo stuff

  14. Komedi

    I discovered your site in my senior year of high school, and since then have been reading it like crazy.

  15. Anne Marie

    Ahaha. Funny stuff.
    Keep it up. x

  16. Bebop

    love this, i keep running out of webcomics, this rocks!

  17. usivius

    ok, need my fix of BNS since it has been “off the air” FOREVER!!!
    starting a the beginning.
    Interesting how subtly the drawings have changed…

  18. zack

    finished reading each comic

  19. ClaudioViola

    Beginning from the beginning.

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    The saga begins, love the rob square.

  21. JPeaslee

    Ahhh, I just read this excellent comic again. Except this time, from back to front.

  22. IdaBaird22

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  24. Driftwood Theatre officially releases Dream image by Ramon Perez | Driftwood Theatre Group

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