Building a Community

Wanna banter about butternut? have some questions? lost touch since we’ve been gone so long? well it’s a first step in rebuilding…

Introducing the Transmission-X Community Forums.

Since its inception Transmission X has been like a family. We all know each other, share studio spaces together, and well, we’re all friends. It’s been two years since we began our endeavor and now that we’ve had a chance to settle in we’d like to get better acquainted with you our readers. Invite you in and allow the extended TX family to blossom.

BNS & transmission-x? what’s that all about… all in due time 🙂

swing on by the forums when you have a moment and say hello.




  1. Old Bogus

    ‘Bout time. Where’s the ‘toons?

    Actually, I have missed you; I’m not sure about your other fans.

  2. opie353

    bah…. still nothin’ eh?

  3. anon

    For some reason, I totally thought that the female character in panel 3 was pregnant— but upon further observation, I realized that that was a tray in her hand.

  4. Hearing Aids

    Can’t wait to see the comic come back up. It’s been a while.

  5. coll1nb

    Yay! I’m glad BNS is back! I say again, Yay!

  6. coll1nb

    Ramon, was that you on the TV commercial? It shows a comic book artist that looks a lot like you walking around at night getting ideas for his comics. However the comics they showed had nothing to do with BNS or Kukuburi. RP – is this your day job? 😉

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