the internet is hard to come by…

greetings all.

sorry for my absence last week. as many of you know i am traveling through europe with fellow tx-comics creators cameron stewart and karl kerschl attending various stores, shows, and festivals. if you’d like to see the full agenda please visit my travel-blog.

the past week saw me in portugal attending the amadora festival, of which i will post photos of shortly. however during my stay i have been unable to find and interest connectivity that didn’t cost more than a potential home mortgage. luckily a few local artists have allowed me to use their internet this afternoon.

due to the ramping schedule of upcoming shows i am unable to continue updating the squash til1l i return to canada in early december. if you have ever been interested in doing a bns guest strip now would be the time

email me at if you’d like to do one 馃檪

i may not respond as my internet connectivity seems to be sporadic – but rest assured i will post whatever is sent to me.

…and on a final note, the above image was done for andreas at the frankfurt book fair in germany earlier this month. he asked me to do a “worlds collide” image of nadia and rob… 聽馃槢


  1. Jason Truong

    You fellas have fun on the tour! The image of Nadia and Rob is just amazing.

  2. Scott

    Master Perez –> Sweeet pic!
    What possessed you to do a tour of Europe? How many people there know your BNS or Kuku work?? Anyone ask you about your RPG work?

    Myself, I’d like to see a Rifts chick with a BNS girl and Nadia (Or ‘nother Kuku Lady) hangin’ out: sitting around the coffee shop sharing stories of the men in their lives!

    I read through your travel-blog a while ago, sounded like you’re having an excellent time, I can’t wait to hear some more stories! If you had more spare time (snicker) you should do another comic sharing your adventures!!

    Have to go. Have a great time, and I hope to hear your stores in Detroit in April.

  3. Ram贸n

    hey scott!

    what possessed me to do a tour of europe? good god man! IT’S EUROPE!


  4. Austin Bankruptcy Lawer

    Great image. Good luck on the tour.

  5. usivius

    馃檨 pools of tears accumulate at an alarming rate as I continue to miss my BNS fix.
    however, a trip of Europe is so damn enviable I can’t be upset.
    continue to spread the BNS/Canuk love!…

  6. Adam Casalino

    I wish I was on a European tour! *sigh* maybe one day…

  7. Levinson & Axelrod

    I’m with everyone else, can we switch and I go on a European tour. Or just to Europe I’m ok with remaining stationary.

  8. Fuzhong!

    Hey, you visited my country, hope you enjoyed it – although with some connectivity problems… Iwasn’t able to visit this year’s amadora festival.

  9. Mesothelioma

    Come back to us Ramon come back. Hope your having fun in Europe.

  10. Joel

    HEY, im in London and I know his work…very very well!!!

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