tantalizing t’s
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May 6th, 2010

tantalizing t’s

it’s been a rocky month, but the dust is settling, and it’s good to be back.

i’d like to thank everybody that made it out to C2E2 and said hello. you all really made the show a truly memorable experience! i look forward to returning next year if i can. prior to leaving for chicago, and upon returning i was immersed in a last minute deadline for marvel – which kept me away from the squash and kuku. despite the tight deadline, the project, a dazzler one-shot special, was a tonne of fun to do! i am officially responsible for half the book written by jim mccann and also illustrated by kalman andrasofszky. please check it out when it hits the stands on may 27th! for some sneak peaks – check out my personal site; ramonperez.com.

speaking of shows, this coming weekend sees me attending TCAF! Transmission-X will have it’s own room with all creators on hand, a deluge of swag, and the debut of the brand new collection of the abominable charles christopher!


  1. usivius

    Heheheh, i would love to have seen the conversation with Ramon before this page. LOL. Now, how do I check out “tgirls.com” from work?….

  2. Tim McCormack

    This… this is… this is just *amazing*.

  3. qrjusz

    hmm wouldn’t it be a bit ‘unfaithful’ to his dog if he found a girl?

  4. Bartimaeus

    I don’t think this is going to end well.

  5. malik

    A phrase used in every Star Wars movie is appropriate here…”I have a bad feeling about this.”

  6. Dreaming Pixel

    No vinnie no!!

  7. Dreaming Pixel

    To also quote a Star Wars movie, “these are not the droids you are looking for…”

  8. bon

    “It’s a trap!”

  9. KJF

    Muhahaha !! I’m laughing at the time it took me to understand completely the whole joke (not so long – but long enough to burst out laughing twice in a row)

  10. bluberry

    had to google tgirls to figure out the joke 😀 but now i get it haha.

  11. Bitten By Design

    Hilarious, I look forward to the follow up comic where he meets his perfect date…

    Now that is bound to have some funny consequences!

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  13. usivius

    somehow every time I look at this strip I hear Dean Martin singing: “Gal is like a race-horse; I play her to win…”

  14. Ramón

    you couldn’t give me a nicer compliment 🙂

  15. usivius


  16. Alan

    Reminds me of this guy from work who goes to asian countries for his “holidays”

  17. usivius


  18. Clayton Richardson

    Abandon your strip again, Ramon?

  19. tyler

    this used to be my favorite web comic, when it was updated on a regular basis.

  20. JMD

    Ramon’s off partying in europe leaving Rob to do the drawing and writing. Come back. No offense Rob we know you try.

  21. shocked

    gah! don’t go to tgirls.com, it’s not a dating site O.O

  22. professional wordpress themes

    i would love to have seen the conversation with Ramon before this page. LOL. Now, how do I check out “tgirls.com” from work?….

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