what the ‘eff!?

it’s been busy days – i’m not making excuses cause i’m done with that, i’m just gonna work at the pace that i am able, so i’m just telling it like it is.

why the lackadaisical updates?

since mid january, on top of my regular workload, i have been spending 10-20 hours weekly hunting for a new home. not a home to rent, but to buy. after recent years events, i came to the conclusion that my renting days had to end. so to stretch my spare time even further i have also been taking on extra work to build up my savings to make realize this endeavour.

nothing is concrete yet, but as the month closes i might have some good news, and once the dust settles i can get back to focussing on what i love; comics.

thank you all for your patience. i look forward to returning when i can – i just wanted to let you know what was going on.



  1. usivius

    we bug because we love.
    hey, and good luck at home-ownership! The little in-home jobs never end, but it’s great (and a great investment too).

  2. blue.jester

    Bitch bitch bitch…moan moan moan…I want my free webcomic…blah blah blah…excuses excuses excuses.

    Or, you know, best of look with the move see ya when you’re done 😀

  3. Ivybaby

    Good luck with the house hunting!! Owning your own home can be frustrating but there’s nothing like it; just don’t think of the money you’ll be spending and all will be well!! 🙂

  4. KozyNewfie

    Good luck with becoming a home-owner Ramon. Equity is a wonderful thing. While I was renting, I always threw up in mouth a bit every month I was shelling out rent to some dude who didn’t give a f*** about maintaining the place. Renting sucks. Owning is where it’s at… except for the council taxes. Cheerio!

  5. Lauren Dunbarr

    love it.glad you posted a new one.lol.it’s cute.

  6. JMD

    Don’t hurt your artist hand signing all those mortgage papers!

  7. john

    thanks for the honesty. i also appreciate that the site doesn’t claim to update 3 times a week now.
    do what you gotta do. i await the return of bns on a regular basis in its former charming and hilarious glory.

  8. tacyssum

    Don’t worry about the comic, the true BNSers will wait patiently for Ramon and Bob shaped antics. Internet life comes second after real life stuff – and boy is buying a house real life stuff!

    Good luck with it, it’s supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do in your life (I’m not helping, am I?) so hopefully a few strips may come out of it…?

  9. fireinthedust

    Did Rob do it this week?

    Also: this sounds like a job for… GUEST STRIPS! (someone takes off clothes) Wait, no, artists! Guest artists, dammit…

    Also also: that last strip about the tranny site… that’s, er, that’s not how you’re earning the big bucks for a house, right? Cause really, you’re only supposed to do that stuff to pay for Nursing or Med school(!)

  10. Clayton Richardson

    Guest strips would require some sort of planning.

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