dashed hopes and other things…

are we dead yet?

not a chance.

the readership of the squash may have dwindled to four over the past few years and our non existent update schedule but we still love you cats.

i’ve been away from the drafting table on a personal level for the past couple months for a variety of reasons. the main one of which is that i was buying a house. i decided to take that big first step into being an official adult (it’s a facade really) and become a homeowner, especially after all my renting woes of the past few years. it took an inordinate amount of time, and a lot of hunting, but i found what for me is the perfect place. i made the move on july first and have been slowly unpacking and settling in over the past few weeks. the place feels great – like i’ve lived there for years – despite still having much of my stuff still in boxes. though i hope to rectify this in the weeks to come.

as i mentioned above the squash ain’t dead. yet. rob and i have sat down and wrapped up the story we had going and now i just have to draw it. once things wrap though, i’m not sure where they’ll go.

we might end it and call it a day.

we might return in more “season” like instalments – i mean it works for tv, why not for us?

the reality of the situation is i love telling stories, whether it be the squash, kukuburi, or the other dozen tales in my head waiting to get out. but i’ve had to admit to myself that i can’t really tackle more than one at a time. so, once bns wraps – i will proceed to wrap kukuburi – after which i might return to bns or focus on another project. it’s a quality versus quantity idealism that i’m trying to adhere to. i figure a concentrated dose of bns a year is better than no dose at all…

hope y’all can respect that.

that said, when will the story end? gimme the remainder of the summer to get unpacked, settle in, and do some doodling, and i promise you you’ll hear the end of our ridiculous tale come september. i will post a return date for all the bns army troops out there still listening…




  1. Rince

    Neat, I look forward to it.

  2. Molly

    I’ll be sad to see BNS end, but I’ll love it none the less. Also, stalments sound good. I could wait. I don’t mind waiting for awesomness.

  3. Chris Howard

    I think the idea of limiting what you are trying to juggle all at once is great. Clean house, clean your plate and then we can enjoy some regular Calavera goodness.

  4. Tim McCormack

    @Molly: BNS has ended before, y’know. 🙂

    @Ramon: I like the installments model for BNS. Might take the pressure off a bit, too.

  5. Tim Wessel

    Yo man, still reading this site, and still a big fan of yours. Do what you love and the people will show themselves to enjoy your work.

  6. Errick

    I’ll keep watching!

  7. Doug

    Thanks for finding the time to do all of this work. It’s been very entertaining and I’ve enjoyed all of your comics. If your life brings you back this way, drop me a line, I love your art and Rob’s stories and will be happy for whatever you can pass down. Good luck on being an adult (I’ve never tried it, seems scary).

  8. Winter_X

    No matter how much I love BNS, I also understand what it’s like to be an adult with adult responsibilities. You just keep doing the great work you are doing on whatever project you are working on, I’ll be there to check it out and here for you when you get back.

    PS: This would also make for a perfect time for fans to start sending you “Guest Strips” to fill the gaps. Or at least I think it is ^_^

  9. Matt Datchuk

    You just keep letting us know where we can see your work whenever it comes out. That’s all I ask.

  10. Katie

    Dear Ramon and Rob,
    Listen. This is *your* project. *You* come first. If you’re anything like other webcomic folks, you probably put this up on the internet and were surprised when people started to like it. But honestly, we’re just random people on the internet, *we* don’t matter – and anyone that tries to convince you otherwise is wrong. True fans of your work will continue to support any future endeavors, trust me.

    I wish you all the best. Congrats on your new home, and I look forward to the last few strips of BnS.

    Apologies if this message is a little out of place or nonsensical, I have had a pint too many Mooseheads and am frustrated with the internet!


  11. Collin

    Will always dig what ever you put up. Keep drawing!

  12. Danielle

    Congrats on the move, Ramon! Hearing you say that it feels like you’ve “lived there for years” is music to my ears – my house is just finally starting to feel like home after 2 years, so that’s a rare and beautiful thing!

    Love love love that filler art, too!

  13. Josh

    Hey, love the comic. I think you guys have amazing art and the story line is amazing as well. Hope more readers start coming your way.

  14. Stephen

    Due, you’ll always have the utmost respect from me…

  15. Bartimaeus

    Hey, I’ve been here for a while, and I’m waiting patiently— it’ll be great to have you back.

  16. Julien

    I totally agree with Katie, so, guys, take your time. BNS is an absolutely cool comic and well, it’s about the three most desirable things in the world…

    btw. are the any chances for new wallpapers? would love to see some…

  17. blue.jester

    While it would be sad to see it go, you gotta do what ya gotta do for your sanity.

    Although the installments idea is so workable. I follow another site that does installments and they just pump some stuff out. Winter and Summer months you get the big updates, the rest of the year you get little ones.

    But, if that dark day does come, how about collecting all the strips into a BNS book for sale? I would be so purchasing that 🙂

  18. blue.jester

    oh, also, congrats on the house

  19. Ryan

    As a new home owner myself, I can understand your situation. I still have to finish renos before we can be really moved in, and as much as I actually enjoy doing them, they don’t leave a lot of time for other things.

    I love your style. and the comics as great too. 😛 I’ll look forward to your work, whatever form you decide that will take.


  20. Mark

    Ramon, any BNS whenever you can is great … if seasons work thats fine.

  21. usivius

    HEY! Danielle posted here! Well, as I mentioned over on the Kuku page, congratulations on the house … you will love having your own place.
    And, seriously dude … do the more frequent cross-over with the fabulous girl from “Girls With Slingshots” … ‘Danielle’ and ‘Ramon’ are a wonderful comic duo…. (not romantically, of course…)

  22. Ramón

    thank you!

    yeah, you could say danielle and i are kindred spirits of the web-world! that lovely lady has crashed on my couch so many times i’ve lost count…. she’s too fantastic for words.

    …and yes, i would LOVE to do an extended cross-over with her. it’s been on my mind for years… perhaps it’s high time we talked… danielle?

  23. Ivybaby

    Please….say it ain’t so!!!!!! I’ve loved every minute of the squash and really hate to see it end; but I do wish you and rob the very best in your future endeavours!!

    Ramon, congrats on the new house!!

  24. Jeremy

    Came over from Charles Cristopher, and man, this is the funniest thing. Very Well done. I read probably over half of them in my first sitting.
    Side note to other readers: This particular image makes an awesome widescreen desktop background 😀

  25. Valentine

    love this comic still
    always will

  26. Dandy

    I have been an avid follower of BNS for many years, but never commented before. I even reviewed this website on my community tv show back in 2005 (On Channel 31 in Melbourne, Australia. Yeah, you should be impressed, this one time we had, like, 6 viewers…).

    All I can say is don’t let BNS die and if it’s a case of quality vs. quantity look at web comics like Girls With Sling Shots. Her drawing style has simplified significantly since she began but her characterisation remains strong through the narrative.

    Honestly even if you just drew a stick figure of you unpacking boxes we’d all still tune in. There are much more than 4 followers of Butternut Squash. There’s like a whole bunch of us, over a hundred even, in a small room… cheering for you… I swear!

    I hope the move ends up going well and it’s fun being a grown up. I’m sure you can sketch out something between unpacking silverware and cleaning the bathroom areas! Pleeeeaaase! I MIIIISSS YOOOUUU!!!!

    Ahem… I mean, good luck with your future endeavours… not that I really care or anything… you know…

  27. Krulle

    Yes, yes I can respect that.

  28. ozoneocean

    Been following this place since it started. And I still check it every single day… Still on my regular webcomic faves list. 🙂

  29. kingkillion

    man i hope you guys never die :,(

  30. Roger

    I have been popping past every week waiting patiently for an update, and wherever BNS takes you guys is fine with me. If the site falls dormant at the end of this run, I’ll still check back just to see if you’ve left anything else for us.
    LIfe has it’s own direction, and you must give in a little and accept where it takes you. Enjoy your new home, get to the happy point with your various projects, and just keep us informed.
    We’ll still be here when you call, because we love what you do.
    Best of luck Ramon and Rob.

  31. Clayton Richardson

    Deleted? For showing that you’re finally doing what others have told you to do for years?

    Chicken shit. Ha! You and your thin skin will never change, or keep a schedule…

  32. usivius

    CR, stop being such a punk. It’s obvious that you keep ‘checking in’ to BNS … so, love, my friend, don’t hate.

  33. Rob

    Clayton seriously dude, grab a decaf or something. Chicken Shit , thin skin, whatever… it’s a comic strip. Don’t let it get your panties in a bunch. Get off your computer and go for beers or meet a girl or something. As for us we’ll make something when we do and we’ll make a website that says we update every hour if we like. Why!? Cause we pay for the host site. That’s just one of the many crazy things we’re allowed to do in this free world. Hell ya North America!!! Butternutsquash! New Comic every ten seconds! All right everyone it is now buried let’s all move on.

  34. Mike

    Gol-dangit, Ramon! You realize that our lives are culture-less wastelands down here in the States and that we *DEPEND* on the kindness of Canadian artists to make our lives bearable. Great Big Sea is doing their job with a new album and a U.S. tour. Don’t leave us hanging for too long. Otherwise we’ll have to keep reading “Garfield.”

  35. Taurin

    Arrgh! I just find you and it’s nearing the end. I just spent the night [literally; it’s 4:53, now] powering through the back-strips to come to this? Well, if anyone can appreciate how life gets in the way, it’s me. Best of luck in all your future endeavours. If you ever need numbers for your readership stats, keep me in mind.

  36. mart

    BNS might be ending? maybe to be replaced with installments? aw man, I guess you guys have to do what you’ve got to do. If/when the installments are happening will there be an e-mail notification? because I’d hate to miss it.

  37. cipher


  38. cipher

    I’ve been dropping in and out of BNS for 4 years (Yikes! Has it really been that long?). Just like to thank you guys for the great BNS comics you’ve produced over the years. Finally, may I nominate this as the BNS theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g12f7uDIGZc – think of the strip every time I hear it.

  39. shanna

    Dude, Congrats on the new home! Hope you stayed in the hood.

    Please do not take away my squash!!!

  40. Puck

    Oh no no no I’m here reading please don’t stop updating.
    I just read sporadically so I have huge archives to work through!

    I really hope you don’t ever end ever.

  41. LokisLeigh

    I just started reading last week, but your comic was so addictive I’d read it between shifts and classes. I know being adult makes updating more sporadic and sometimes nigh impossible, but the idea of instalments sounds reasonable and would be soooo appreciated. I love the comic, as it looks like many others do, and would like to know if Ramon ever gets laid or gives up Rob for a baked good. (Hell, I would, he’s getting free damned coffee and Ramon’s not.) Even if that doesn’t work out, thanks for the good read up to this point.

  42. Ashley

    I’ve been following your Canadian mishaps for a few years now, and have pointed many a friend to these pages to have a good chuckle. Where ever you decide to go with The Squash I wish you luck and all the best. You guys have a knack for making with the funny, don’t let that die on ya. Thanks for the laughs!

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