Update & Upcoming Conventions

hey there everybody,

figured it was time for another update to let you all know where things stand.

first off, thank you for all the kind words and support – you people are fantastic! it great to know that people still love the squash out there 馃檪

it appears that everyone seems to like the idea of “seasons” … so rather than kill a dear friend, rob and i think we are going to take the squash in that route. right now we are focused on wrapping the currently (vastly overdue) story arc, it’s only another 15 or so strips. which are all, at this point. plotted out. however the end of summer had geared up to be a lot busier than i expected – as well on a personal note, there was a death in my family a short time ago, a close uncle, whose passing has become a catalyst for the gathering of extended family on my fathers side. many cousins, uncles, and aunts, some of whom i know others of which i do not. i will be travelling to spain shortly to be part of this first time ever event of my father’s family.

i mention this, as it will eat into a good chunk of my time and it is also causing me to accelerate my regular work schedule before i leave. so my days are jam packed with contracted work. i had hoped to update with the remainder of the squash before leaving, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen at this point.

so i am going to postpone all relaunches of web comics till i return. right now, i am going to have to slate the squash wrap-up relaunch for sometime, tentatively, in late fall. probably mid october – as the time gets closer i will post an official relaunch date.

the last thing to touch upon is the remainder of conventions and festivals that i will be attending in 2010.

FAN EXPO TORONTO – CANADA Aug 27-29 (this weekend – artist’s alley P40A!)



if you’re in the area of any of these great shows please swing by and say hello! as the days get closer i may announce special items that i may have at each of the prospective shows…

talk to you soon,



  1. Adam

    I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope you and your family find comfort during this time.

    I will be looking forward to more BNS though, when its ready!

  2. Shmuel Kam

    Deaths of dear/close ones is always hard. Reconnecting with family is always a good thing in the long run. We fans can wait. As to getting to know family better from a distance, you might want to check out http://www.geni.com It’s like Facebook, only geared around families.

  3. Stephanie

    Do enjoy your trip, even though it’s happening resulted from sadness. I’ve have, and will continue to enjoy all the bns strips when they come regardless how long it is between postings. Your both very talented and have a wonderful thing going here.

    Take care.

  4. usivius

    Yes, sorry to hear about your uncle. Not sure what the Spanish tradition is for such gatherings, but I know the Irish one is pretty darn fun, despite the sadness of loss.
    And I will certainly see you at Fan Expo!

  5. Ivybaby

    Although the occasion for the reunion is a sad one, i hope you enjoy your trip and the family gathering.

    All the best Ramon!

  6. Huckleberry Jazz

    My condolences about your uncle, I hope he lived well, whatever that may have meant for him.

    I look forward to the return of bns, but don’t worry if you don’t get it done before you go. I’m a long time lover of the strip and I always pout when I check and find no updates but it costs us nothing and you don’t owe us a thing (although I will still pout.)

  7. Carrie

    Hope the family is doing okay, but hang in there. I always check in on wednesday, but even if there isnt a new one I read an old one. Look forward to the remainder of this one

  8. usivius

    Hi Ramon. It was a pleasure meeting you and Rob at Fax Expo. It seems we got in shortly before they stopped letting people in… jeez, what a mess.
    In addition to the fun of meeting Cronenberg, it was great to get a chance to buy some original art from the BNS strip. I was thrilled to get a hold of one of my favourite episodes (the Logan’s Run dream). I am cutting the matt tonight and it will go in to a nice frame. If I can I will send you a photo.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the TO Comic fest next year.
    All the best…

  9. Ram贸n

    great meeting you as well – and thank you for buying an original squash! i’ve very happy to know it went to a good home 馃檪

    you can count on me being there next year again – that and at TCAF in may! i can’t believe i’m already thinking 2011…. blargh!

  10. Ivybaby

    I just dropped by the site to wish you and Rob a very happy Thanksgiving!! 馃檪

  11. usivius

    me too!
    happy belated Thanksgiving!

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