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Words From The Wise...

i never like to say “the end” as stories always live on.

especially something like butternutsquash which was, in a weird way, an auto-biographical account of rob and myself, our friendship, our surrounding friends and the quirky adventures we got up to. some comics were word for word accounts, others silly extrapolations. over the years as butternut progressed we diverged a little from this, and i think that’s where we lost it. which is a shame as i don’t think butternut got a fair shake. it came in spurts and a waves. in the interim rob and i drifted apart, not in friendship, but in the time we were able to share to knock out ideas. so this was another strike against the squash.

we have a little black book full of tales untold, and i think it’s something i’d like to revisit. not anytime soon. bns, deserves a moment of peace before a stray thought even enters our head with a new concept, idea, or joke. in heartfelt honesty, i’d like to see it come back. but, at the end of the day, that is something only time will tell.

in the meantime, i wanted to give bns a proper closure, it’s been sitting in limbo for over a year, and well, deserves better. in the true form of most time honoured comedies – we closed it but left the door open.

i hope you enjoyed our short little run on the web and the comics will stay here for your enjoyment.

if you’re curious what else might be doing; please visit KUKUBURI, my other online story, and RAMONPEREZ.com for further information.


ramon (& rob!)

podcasting @ digital kontent


the boys at digital kontent (myles, john & ibrahim) had me over the other day to talk shop about the ups and downs of conventions and anything that came up. i probably yammered on a bit to freely tarnishing my good image, but i tend to do that for the most part on a daily basis. 


i think i’m gonna kill ’em for showcasing my fumbling of the digital kontent introduction in the opening of the episode! 

watch your respective backs gents 😉

that's amoré


a few words as to where things stand.

right now a lot is going on in the background on butternut. we have an option in the works with a local production company that we’re putting our love into, in hopes of getting bns on the air!

on the flipside a lot of folks think i dedicate more love to kuku than i do bns. i love them both, they’re my redheaded step children 🙂 but it is easier for me to focus on kuku as it is solely my own project whereas butternut is a collaboration. so for things to get rolling on the squash both rob and i have to find the time to get together and knock heads on the squash. easier said than done. rob is my best bud, but i’m lucky if i see the bloke one day a week… and sometimes that day comes and we’re both burned out.

but rest assured we are working towards a relaunch. when the day gets closer and more definitive we will let you know!

that said we will also be doing some conventions to bring the squash back into the public eye… so stay tuned for future con dates or just check out my art blog; cranial percolations.



…an update of what’s going on.


i can’t believe its been almost three months since my last big post!

time flies, ridiculously so.

let it be known though that i have not been resting on my laurels. i would say i have been busy but that is an understatement. i could rhyme off what i’ve been working on and it would tally in at about 8-10 projects simultaneously. rather i’ll mention the ones that have been the most fun: currently i am illustrating a 8 page star wars tale for dark horse comics for their free comic book day offering, i am also wrapping up my tenure on inking marvel’s nyx with the series’ last issue and last but not least i am in the middle of the six issue resistance miniseries for wildstorm comics based on the ps3 video game! the remainder of my schedule was filled with a bit more dry corporate fare, though some were quite fun. of which i will post to my art blog, cranial percolations when i can.

everything came to a head last week with multiple contracts culminating and the nycc arriving. the con is now over (there was no table or swag so nothing was missed – i was there for networking alone) and i am back on home turf and taking today off. over the next week or so i shall assess my schedule, tigure things out, talk to rob and get down to business.

so once i get the ball rolling behind the scenes i wll figure out a relaunch date for the squash, cause we got some tales to tell and can’t wait to get back into it! right now i’m hoping on a return of mid to late march, but won’t say anything official just yet.

as well, later this spring at tcaf (toronto comic arts festival) i hope to unveil some swag, prints and possibly some other fun stuff.

more words to come…

thank you all for your support and patience!

for more information and updates as to what transpires feel free to peruse my blog at cranial percolations.





Greetings all.

Both Rob and I are alive and healthy despite the lack of updates.

It’s been a long road with ButterNutSquash. We’ve missed many an update, disappeared for months and return. Some readers have stayed the journey others have fallen by the wayside whilst new readers have accumulated. It’s been a long and fun journey.

Sound like i’m writing an obituary doesn’t it? 

Well rest assured ButterNutSquash isn’t dead. Rob and I love it too much. Too many interesting things are happening for us to let go of our little baby. We have a collection in the works which we hope to bring out in the new year and as well we’ve been option for a cartoon! So we might be coming to you one day as late night toon tv!!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

 It’s been a month with ridiculously long hours of work, other obligations and a nice cold that knocked me out for a week just to keep me on my toes. 

I feel a vast pang of disappointment in being unable to update. I love working on both my own little baby Kukuburi and ButterNutSquash. Both bring me great joy and satisfaction. However with the intermittent updates, mostly because of work, I’ve lost the momentum and in turn become disconnected. So while We have over 50 strips roughed out i just can’t find the necessary time to give them the love they deserve…

So, I’ve made a decision.

Now this might sound like a broken record, and i know people will say they’ve heard it all before, but I’m knuckling down and making some hard choices that I hope will have the best results for myself and for you the readers.

Time, and age, makes you look at things a little differently. So while my career is reaching new heights and traveling down new avenues my personal projects are suffering. So this time while away I want to rethink, rejig, plan and tackle things right.

So to give the Squash the strength, dedication and love it deserves and has not been getting we are going on a hiatus. I have taken on a series of corporate projects to help me get out of debt by hopefully mid-spring of next year. A debt that has been hanging over my head for numerous years. Aside from being debt free (which is a positive) my main reasoning for this is by clearing my debt (which resides in the form a credit line) I will be able to keep much more normal  work hours and focus on the things I love and, most importantly, use said credit line to publish Kukuburi and ButterNutSquash collections. Which is a dream I’m aspiring towards, and have been for some time.

I will try and update my BLOG with what is currently on my plate for those of you interested, one of which is a short Kukuburi story published in a anthology!

I haven’t decided how long this hiatus will take, I know it will be till the end of the year, which isn’t that far off and a little into the new year. After this month is up I will be better able to gauge my schedule and will update again shortly with an official relaunch date. 

You’ve all been extremely patient and fantastic. I hope you understand my decision and will be here when the Squash returns, which really shouldn’t be too far off.

All the best,


A Wee Interlude


As most of you probably already know, a great comedic mind passed away. George Carlin.

Though many comedians had some form of influence on me through the years this man always had it.

I grew up loving comedians like Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Jonathan Winters, Don Rickles, Dennis Leary, Billy Connely and so on and so on. These guys were great but I liked them in different phases of my life. The only constant was George. He always seemed to be right on the mark. If this name means nothing to you I suggest you google “Seven Dirty Words” and get enlightened now. His political and social humour was cutting, insightful and always hilarious. He was also the comedian that showed me how humour can be dark and still lift our spirits.

Life is a funny thing even at it’s worst.

We know that all good things come to an end but our icons sometimes make us forget that they won’t break the rule. So here’s to George Carlin. Thank you for the laughs, the lessons and the list.


previously on the update…

As you know Ramon is in the midst of many deadlines and the extremely disheartening landlord dispute. Luckily Ramon is tenacious and whatever the out come he will land on his feet. To pass the time I submit for your perusal a video link to a band called “Chattahoochee Payload”.

The band has a few guys from my hometown so send them some love by checking out their you tube link. Up their hits!


Special bulletin…


Hey kids, Rob here.

So some of you may have noticed that you’ve clicked on your “favourites” tool bar and came up with a picture of little ol’ me.

“What is this!?” you curse. “Sure this picture is a stunning example of Rob’s adonis like good looks but where is the funny strip we crave so much?”

Alas it is not to be as I was busy this week and Ramon was away in New York. With such time and distance constraints we could not put our heads together to deliver the fine artistic masterpieces of comedy you’ve learned to know and love. On top of that Ramon (pronounced ‘RAH’ -‘MŌN’ for the uninitiated) has seen fit to contract some form of virus stateside. I keep telling him it’s avian bird flu. He keeps telling me to shut up.With such obstacles in our path we’ve been forced to reconvene next week with a fiesta of laughs and hilarity you are sure to enjoy. Accept our humble apologies as we now must prepare to see our good friend, and yours, Vince in a new documentary short called $4 dollar haircut. Playing now at the The HOTDOCS documentary festival here in Toronto.


Till next week (if Ramon survives the bird flu)


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